Welcome to the Academy of Effective Reflexology

Your first steps in an amazing new career!


The undergraduate training at the Academy has earned a respected international reputation. Students can look forward to studying in a stimulating and challenging environment alongside Lee Anthony Taylor, one of the world’s most respected reflexology teachers, who brings a unique style of delivery and a passion to his subject to make the learning experience one to remember.

The Academy is now taking applications for the January 2015 intake for those who want to take part in the exciting challenges and opportunities offered by taking the Diploma of Effective Reflexology with us.

You may be wondering why we are probably considered the best centre locally to offer the highest standards of reflexology training. Its The way Lee explains anatomy and physiology is not only interesting but it is very innovative and it challenges the modern science techniques which being a spiritualist I love! Lee is a great teacher, the way he explains information comes across in a simple and memorable way.”