About The Principal

How it all started

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Lee TaylorBorn in England, Lee Anthony Taylor was press-ganged into trying reflexology while meditating on the banks of the river Ganges in India many years ago. What started off as a simple head https://writemyessayquick.com/editing-service/ massage turned into a foot treatment with the most amazing results and health benefits for him. He immediate ly left a high-flying job in London as a journalist and Lee has now been living and breathing reflexology for over twenty years and has trained thousands of students from all over the world. He has previously set up a reflexology clinic within the UK NHS for cancer patients, and guest lectured at conferences around the world, including London, Rome, Los Angeles, Cairns and Wellington. Since then, he has become an internationally-renowned speaker, presenter, author and teacher within the reflexology world but still retains his roots as a practitioner. His work has been translated into several languages including Danish, Dutch, French, German, Greek and Portuguese.

affordable papers Helvetica, sans-serif;”>His work makes him a global traveller, where his unique teaching style has been universally acclaimed affordable papers for its simplicity and its highly-effective delivery. His fresh approach on challenging subjects such as cancer, multiple sclerosis, pregnancy, diabetes and allergies has been welcomed by students. They have been given guidance on how to apply their skills and knowledge without feeling fearful or hesitant in their treatments.These are also the subjects of his highly-informative ‘Effective Reflexology  books available through this website.

He has been described as ‘a charismatic revolutionary’. Lee directs and teaches all of the reflexology courses so that you can be assured of the best possible tuition in a whole range of advanced postgraduate modules, which delve deeper into the processes of illness.